Bandung Model United Nations, which was first held in 2015, is an international youth forum focusing in Model United Nations. BMUN is intended to be the best place for young people to share their perspectives and their ideas in facing the global challanges, and it is held in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. Bandung is well-known as the cultural city of Sundanese and its history background, BMUN 2018 is aiming to synergize the Sundanese culture with other unique cultures across the globe and also we would like to offer the hospitality of Sundanese people.



Due to the aggresive claiming of the East China Sea by the Peoples Republic of China as well as the increasing number of North Korea nuclear test that has treathened Korean peninsula and the world security, and also the never ending conflict in the Middle East, BMUN 2018 theme would like to emphasize one of the reasons why the UN established, the maintenance of international peace and security. With challenging topics that will be discussed by the delegates in each councils, we hope that in the end there will be solutions which will be delivered by the delegates in order to achive a better future of the world.