Joint Crisis Council is independently running committee whose decisions and actions immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, thus providing for an experience like no other. What delegates will be asked to deal with is only partially revealed for your preparation; covert plots, terrible luck, and the well-meaning or hostile actions of the opposing committee together offer an unpredictable, volatile, and urgent, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. If the bloc as a whole is to succeed, the delegates must compromise, negotiate, and persevere in a battle of diplomatic wit; after all, there is a nemesis waiting, biding its time. As a continuous crisis committee, the CC is designed for experienced delegates who are prepared to move with a swiftly developing topic and high level of debate.




The crisis in Venezuela is the socioeconomic crisis that has undergone since Hugo Chavezs tenure and which extended over the years into the current presidency of Nicholas Maduro. The year is 2018. It is the worst crisis in Venezuelas history. President Nicolas Maduro claimed victory in the election, which he says will help save the country from political and economic disaster. However, Critics are accusing President Nicolas Maduro of moving towards a dictatorship, and want him to resign. But Maduro says the opposition is conspiring with foreign entities, to destabilize the country. Venezuela is in the middle of a crippling economic crisis that has led to high food prices and a lack of basic goods.
Therefore, there will be two councils, one from the Government side and one from the Opposition Party Side that will overcome each other while dealing with crisis. Venezuela is not facing only one crisis but multiple interconnected crises, then all decision by delegates will have high consequence and delegates are required to adapt with the situation.