The history of Widyatama University (UTama) began with the founding of the Bandung Institute of Accountancy (IAB) in March 1973 which fostered the Accounting Study Program (Strata 1). The establishment of this college was initiated by Prof.Dr. Koesbandijah Abdul Kadir, Ak., A practitioner and educator whose whole life is dedicated to the interests of education. In 1976, the foundation as the organizer opened the study program of Management Company (Strata 1) under the name Institute of Management Bandung (IMB). Finally, the two institutions joined the College of Accounting and Management of Bandung Company (STAMPB), which then – 3 September 1979 transformed into Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Bandung (STIEB). STIEB acknowledged the wider community encourage the Foundation to develop several other high schools, namely: High School Technology Bandung Widyatama (STTW, 1995); Bandung High School of Science (STIBB, 1996); High School of Visual Communication Design (STDKV, 1999); then Master Program Management Widyatama (MM-Widyatama, year 2000), and Accounting Professional Education Program (PPA-Widyatama, 2004).

International Study Center is a community in Universitas Widyatama focusing on international issues and also the development of academic softskill and hardskill. International study center Universitas Widyatama (ISC UTAMA) was established on 2015 as the first Model United Nations, press and debate community in Universitas widyatama.

As the MUN club of Universitas Widyatama, ISC always representing our University in various MUN competition, in the range of national and international competition. To establish our MUN network, international study center as one of the initiator of MUN event in Bandung, established Bandung MUN Society alongside with others University in Bandung such as: ITB, UNPAD, UNJANI, UNPAS, and UNPAR, as our determine to build integrity of MUN Club in Bandung. In addition, we also had made cooperation with several University outside Bandung.